Slot machines


It is inevitable. Your kids, your co-workers, your organization will come to you asking for your help with a fundraiser. You'll be asked to sell or buy candy, greeting cards, popcorn, and/or wrapping paper in the hopes of raising money.


We have all done it. We have all cringed at the thought of, once again, bothering family and friends asking them to buy something they do not need. Let me offer a fun alternative for raising money for any organization whether it be a booster club, a band, the golf team, your Elks club, the speech and debate team, or your book and garden clubs.


   How about a fundraiser that would entail a trip to a casino for your friends, family, or co-workers where $25.00 of their $50.00 donation would be "refunded" in free casino play effectively reducing their donation to only $ sure to tell your group this upfront!

Here's how it works...

My bus accommodates 25 guests......we take the $50.00 contribution (times 25 seats = $1250.00) and split it 50%-50%....or $625.00 each.  Your organization has just raised over $600.00 in one day where everyone will have had a fun time!

Here's the math...

The casinos run a promotion for businesses like mine where they will provide "free play" if you arrive on my bus. As an example, a local casino currently offers my riders $25.00 each in free play thereby reducing their actual donation to $25.00, but your organization still receives $625.00 for all 25 seats.

This is the type of fun, "fundraiser" that opens the door to people you would never approach to buy a commodity you know they do not need.


Please call me at 330-880-6007 or contact us below with any questions or additional details. I would be pleased to attend your booster club meeting to explain this to everyone. We can schedule virtually any day of the week for our transportation service!